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Tipping point

Japan is famous for its nationwide no-tipping policy. By and large, there is no need to start asking yourself how much to tip the waiter, the pizza delivery man, the coat check attendant, the taxi driver, and so forth. It makes life a lot easier, and more pleasant. They tell you what to pay, and you pay it. Done.

All of which left me baffled by the following sign, outside a Tokyo station restroom:

In a country where nobody tips for anything, who's going to tip for using a train-station toilet?


Anonymous said...

I've used that toilet hundreds of times, and never once seen anyone put anything in the tip holder. 

Posted by Mr. Pink

Anonymous said...

Hey, tip rhymes with cheap in Japanese. How's that for two-bit irony? 

Posted by bunkerbuster

Anonymous said...

I have used the one in Shinagawa sta, and the one in Tokyo sta, and I have seen people tipping at each - I have seen the women who work clean those bathrooms. Hopeful that this would augument what is likely a meager wage, I have left and will continue to leave tips at each - all the change in my pocket - when the occasion arises.  

Posted by HayZeus



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