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Throw the book at 'em

Found via Fark, here's a story that will shock any two-wheeler out there:

WYOMING (AP) — A western Michigan motorcyclist is recovering from injuries after crashing into plastic wrap that had been stretched across a roadway as a prank.

Jim Anderson suffered a fractured rib and internal bruises after he hit the industrial-strength wrap at about 1:20 a.m. Saturday while riding his Harley Davidson home. The 48 year old said he thought the plastic wrap was fog.

Wyoming, Michigan Police say three teenage boys told police they put the wrap between two sign posts as a prank not expecting something as small as a motorcycle to come down the street.

Police haven't decided whether to charge them.
Now, the truly shocking part of this story, to me, isn't what the kids did. It's that the cops haven't decided whether to charge them with a crime.

These kids intentionally set up a road hazard, and a man was seriously injured (fortunately, not killed) as a direct result. How severely they should be punished is a separate issue. But is there any logical argument as to why they shouldn't even be charged?

This sort of thing has happened before.


Anonymous said...


Posted by Matt

Anonymous said...

But was the bike damaged? 

Posted by a guy in pajamas

Anonymous said...

Stretch them (the perpetrators) across the road and drive "something as small as a motorcycle" through them.

Let's see what happens then. 

Posted by RFTR

Anonymous said...

The kids (and probably their parents) are still subject to civil suit and consequent money damages.

They may not have been charged b/c they did not intend for a motorcyclist to come along and strike the wrap. Charging them with a crime starts a process in motion that is expensive and time consuming. It's possible that the victim did not want to press charges. A criminal record follows one around his entire life. Finally, criminal charges can still be pressed.

I see lots of reasons.  

Posted by tom



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