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Is Japan applying the Babe Theory?

Recently, I mentioned the Babe Theory of Political Movements, which holds that the cause with the hottest women on its side will succeed, because they'll attract support from lots of guys.

Originally devised by P.J. O'Rourke, the Babe Theory spread through the blogosphere last March, when Lebanese protesters (many of whom were remarkably easy on the eyes) were rallying against Syrian occupation. Since then, it's been considered in connection with various national revolutionary movements.

But could the Babe Theory be applied to more mundane political issues? Like, say, privatization of Japan's postal service?

This item from the Mainichi Daily News suggests it can:

Triumph International Japan Ltd model Yu Misaki shows off the "Post Privatization Total Surprise Bra!" in Tokyo on Tuesday. The lingerie maker said it designed the bra to express support for Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi and his push to privatize Japan Post.
On the other side, here's one of the key opponents of Koizumi's plan, House of Representatives member Tamisuke Watanuki:
As it happens, Koizumi's plan appears to be headed for approval — although as a result of intense haggling among competing political factions, not a popular movement inspired by the charms of Miss Misaki.

Still, Triumph's move could start a trend of using so-called "campaign girls" to promote new legislation. We can only hope.


Anonymous said...

How would we know if it was not just a case of Koizumi's better hair? 

Posted by Doug

Doug said...

"Originally devised by P.J. O'Rourke, the Babe Theory spread through the blogosphere last March..."
Long before P.J. and blogs, the intrepid researchers at the Calif Institute of Technology (Cal Tech) had a method for calibrating their value estimates of female forms:
Based on the old days in the Mediterranean, they came up with the unit "millihelens" in recognition of Helen of Troy, and what mere mortal men would do to please:
I don't recall the exact numbers, but it was something like a real prize lady would be worth 1000 milihelens, representing the number of enemy said female would be worth slaying for.

Doug said...

Finally, Triumph International, reminds me of a classic motorcycle from the 60's:
The Triumph 500: A light versatile vertical twin from England.
(for it's day, of course)
I used to ride the original Honda Superhawk (305) which was amazingly fast for the day.
Power train was quite a triumph of engineering, but handled like a pig.
Then Kawasaki came out with their 3 cylinder screamer: 12 second quarter miles for $999!
Pay us another visit at Belmont: They're not all old farts like me.

Doug said...

Finally, finally, ...movies:
Did you ever see
"Woman of the Dunes" ?
Pretty amazing flick. I first watched it in Tokyo in 1967!
Keep threatening to buy the DVD at amazon.
One I watched there was in Japanese w/English subtitles.
Who woulda thought your innocent question to Wretchard would result in all this?

Anonymous said... got me to come over to take a look at your blog! Thank You for your hospitality... 

Posted by Zsa Zsa

Anonymous said...

Welcome, Doug and Zsa Zsa! I hope you enjoy the blog. 

Posted by GaijinBiker

Anonymous said...

Where there is a there is a babe... 

Posted by Zsa Zsa



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