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Japanese commuters gone wild

After last month's disastrous train crash in which 107 people died and hundreds more were injured, some degree of anger at JR West is understandable. But this, from the Times of London, surprised me:

Japanese train drivers have taken to working in pairs after physical attacks and threats from passengers angry about last month’s fatal train crash.

In the worst case a woman driver was left bleeding after being punched by a man shouting: “What’s Japan Railways up to, when so many people can die in that accident?” On Friday another woman driver almost fell in front of a train when a man kicked her at Osaka station.
So it wasn't enough for these guys to stupidly attack conductors who had nothing to do with the accident; they had to choose women conductors, lest they end up with a real fight on their hands. Pathetic.


Anonymous said...

lets attack the guy (or gal) driving the train, because he might get us in a wreck.

I guess there are stupid people everywhere, there are just more in the south. 

Posted by cube

Anonymous said...

hmmm. Whats funny is I used to take the Hankyu train out of umeda at a certain time everyday, and there was a lady at the controls, and a lady conducting. It was wierd because at first I thought the train had an automatic announcment system, but a ride in the back, and I noticed it was a woman. Next day, I rode the front car, and it was a lady. That train was always noticably gentler and smoother than the other trains i took on that line. Don't let me be in Osaka or Tennoji station and see some drunken salaryman abusing the lady motormen... err motorwomen... 

Posted by J7



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