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Everybody loves Israel

Japan and China may disagree about a lot, but Israeli business news site Globes reveals something they have in common:

April 11th:

Israel, Japan to consider homeland security cooperation

Prospects of the first-ever cooperation between Israel and Japan in defense and homeland security exports emerged today during a visit by Minister of Industry, Trade, and Labor Ehud Olmert in Tokyo. Olmert told "Globes" that he had discussed cooperation on matters, which he described as “sensitive,” with Japanese Minister of Defense Yoshinori Ohno.
April 12th:
Chinese ambassador sees closer trade and defense ties with Israel

Chinese ambassador to Israel Chen Yonglong has condemned the efforts by the US to choke off trade in arms between Israel and China. He said the two countries had joined together in a strategic partnership that would break into a more glorious dawn.

This is one of the most enthusiastic statements about Israel ever made by China.
Israel's actually not that hard a country to get along with, provided you aren't maniacally bent on its absolute destruction.


Anonymous said...

Not surprising. Israel's defense technology is first-rate, and very  'cutting-edge'.

The key element here is motivation. One nation is modernizing it's military as fast as they can throw money at it. The other nation is beginning to take military (and security issues) matters a bit more seriously.

A good follow-up question: what are these respective nations planning on doing with that technology? 

Posted by CPT. Charles

Anonymous said...

Israel is often America's stalking horse  in Asia. Hopefully in five years we will be seeing similar statements about Sino-American military connectivity 

Posted by Dan



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