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Democrats: Not as gullible as Kerry thinks

In this post, I blogged about failed presidential candidate John F. Kerry's latest excuse for losing the election: that Republican operatives handed out leaflets telling Democrats to vote on November 3rd.

Since then, plenty of bloggers have pointed out that Kerry's claims sound an awful lot like this Onion parody (which I thought had been moved behind their subscribers-only wall, but apparently is viewable free of charge).

However, liberal blogger Bell Curve links to a report of "Vote November 3rd" leaflets actually being distributed to shoppers at the Ross Park Mall in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Of course, Kerry won Pennsylvania, so the leaflets had no impact on his overall defeat. In fact, he took 57% of the vote in Pittsburgh's Allegheny County, compared to only 51% of the statewide vote.

Apparently, Democrats have more common sense than Kerry gives them credit for.


Anonymous said...

Let's be honest, the fact they were actually going to (or did) vote for him does make his theory a little bit more believable. 

Posted by Cutler

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for linking back to our blog. It's hard to say ... maybe a lot of Dems are really gullible and did try to vote the following day, but not enough to make a difference. You got to admit, whether or not it made a difference, it's still a dirty trick. 

Posted by Bell Curve



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