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Akira scooter custom kit

Gizmodo links to a Japanese site's report of a custom kit that makes your Honda Fusion scooter resemble Kaneda's futuristic motorcycle from the anime classic Akira:

It's made by Osaka-based custom shop Saitaniya, which was apparently handing out this pamphlet about it at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show, although I didn't get one.

The kit seems pretty lame, since it's essentially a bunch of plastic that you bolt on over your ordinary scooter. (If you look closely at the above photo, you can see the actual tire peeking out from the bottom of the black plastic fake-tire shell.)

Plus, the prices aren't much of a bargain. Even if you already have a Fusion, the kit alone will run you ¥630,000, or about $6,000. A Fusion itself lists for only about $5,000 new.

I'll hold out until we can buy something more like the actual working prototype I posted about here.


Anonymous said...

Hello I'm just checking out scooter sites. I own a Honda Helix, here in northern california. Your sites pretty cool, can you help me find sites for custome fusion/helix accessories? I would appreciate any help you can give. 

Posted by silverair

Anonymous said...

Kaneda's Motorcycle Concept Website: 

Posted by NEO



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