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In America, this would be called sexist

In the International Herald Tribune, Miki Tanikawa reports on Resona Bank's new Japanese mutual fund for women only:

The pamphlets that described mutual funds in Japan have been a complete turnoff to women, said Yoko Muto, 29, who worked with a five-woman team to develop the fund.

"There are too many words in it and letters are too small," she said.
Well, they've certainly solved that problem:
The new fund - Love Me! - is promoted with a colorful picture of a pile of boxed gifts on the pamphlet.

"Offering a gift to yourself of tomorrow," reads the copy. Rub the brochure and a scent of roses wafts over the prospective customer.
So, when it comes to choosing investments, Japanese women look for few words, large print, and colorful scratch-and-sniff pictures.

Sounds good, but I think a peek at manager track records and risk-adjusted returns would be in order.


Anonymous said...

Sadly, I think that almost sounds like something that would be done here for American women. It's all about the self-esteem and pampering.

The sad thing is that, from what I've read about Japan, young women are well-educated. In fact, they are better educated up to the college years than their American equivalent.

Perhaps we need to be making financial education a basic part of middle school and high school course work - a pre-requisite for graduation in the same way that young American women are required to pass "Civics" before they graduate.

As a woman, I have to concurr with your assessment. I would be offended by the pamplet. It would be like investing in a Roth IRA because Susie Orman, Oprah's financial personality, told you it was the right investment for you. One prescription does not fit all for men: how come so many women seem to accept the idea? 

Posted by Langtry

Anonymous said...

I agree with Langtry that financial education should be part of the jr. high and high school curriculum. Although she doesn't specify, I think it's important to have this in the American education system. 

Posted by a guy in pajamas



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