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I would actually buy this

One sign of a good invention, I think, is that it seems obvious in retrospect. This one sure does. From the press release:

“Every motorcycle rider knows there’s a problem with his or her shoes getting ruined by the black peg rubber that’s standard issue on all gear shifter levers but no one seems to have sat down and thought up a solution to remedy this problem”, says Shiftcush inventor Tony Wells.

Shiftcush, the revolutionary company which invented the product bearing the same name, designed their Motorcycle Gear Shifter Cushion exactly for that reason.

“I just got tired of all my good shoes getting ruined and also wanted to make gear ‘up-shifting’ more pleasurable so that’s what led me to invent the Shiftcush”, says the inventor.

While there are a couple of products out on the market today which do sell boot/shoe protectors, the drawback with these is that they have to be placed on and removed from the rider's shoes each time the rider starts or finishes riding.
Almost all my left-foot shoes have huge, deep scuff marks from shifting gears. I do keep one pair in good shape for special occaisions, but that means I can't ride my motorcycle to wherever it is I'm going when I wear them.


Anonymous said...

Finally a solution for a problem that seriously needs solving. I've worn holes in the leather on the top of more than one left boot.
This is the only thing I've seen so far that will work with biker boots. If you wear laced boots, there's a plastic shield thing that you attach with your laces that some of my friends swear by, and I've seen them for sale in Ueno bike town.
Just two problems with Shiftcush: ugly as sin, and no HD version. Still, a great idea that I hope they develop farther. 

Posted by Big Ben

Anonymous said...

I will defenitely try this - its not necessarily pleasing to the eye but who cares.

Thanks for the tip. 

Posted by Scott



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