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Snarky comment of the day

Over at the liberal but funny Fafblog, Giblets briefly aims his withering scorn at the recent Beirut counter-demonstration organized by Hizbullah in support of Syrian occupation:

Now that the pro-being-occupied movement is finally taking off, there might be some hope for some of its cousins, like the Society for Getting Punched in the Face and People for the Ethical Treatment of Cancer.

So, why are so many Lebanese in favor of being occupied? Turns out they're not Lebanese. WorldNetDaily reports :
JERUSALEM – The giant Hezbollah rally that drew nearly half a million purported supporters of Syria's occupation of Lebanon included non-Lebanese citizens, Syrian workers, students and municipal employees coerced into joining the protest, former Lebanese Prime Minister Michel Aoun told WorldNetDaily in an exclusive interview this morning.
Lame, but not surprising. Via Island of Balta, the Columbia Journalism Review points out that Lebanon is host to as many as 1 million Syrian "guest workers", who can be counted on to support the Syrian occupation. Lebanon's entire population is only about 3 or 4 million.




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