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Edited for content

I went with my girlfriend to see Sideways at the Virgin Cinemas movie theater in Roppongi Hills last night. (Subtle, bittersweet comedy; see it.)

One of the trailers was for Dodgeball, which I've already seen on region-1 DVD. (Goofy, lowbrow comedy; see it if the idea of Ben Stiller inflating the crotch of his shorts makes you laugh.)

Toward the end of that movie, Vince Vaughn's team of loveable misfits and Stiller's squad of jocks enter a high-stakes dodgeball tournament where the other teams all seem to represent one stereotype or another. There's a team of stout and hearty Germans, another of blacks dressed like old-school rappers... and a third called the Kamikazes, made up of Japanese men who wear sumo-style loincloths and scream ferociously at the top of their lungs like karate warriors in a badly-dubbed chop-socky flick.

Guess which team's scenes were completely missing from the trailer? I wonder if they'll be edited out of the actual movie as well.




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