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A "literary, academic and Indian fraud"

You already know that 9-11 apologist and sixties relic Ward Churchill is a pretend anarchist who lied about what he wrote.

But he may also be a pretend Native American who lied about his ethnic heritage and was kicked out of the American Indian Movement.

World Net Daily reports:

Following what it described as a 25-year internal investigation of Ward Churchill, the University of Colorado professor now in the center of a storm of national controversy, the American Indian Movement kicked out the activist the group called "deceitful" and "treacherous" and who it condemned as a white man masquerading as an Indian.

...After years of activism within AIM, Churchill was a ringleader of a breakaway "self-styled radical" faction that associated with extremists such as Noam Chomsky and Winona LaDuke, according to AIM records.

"They use publications like Houghton-Mifflin, Random House Publishers, South End Press and Speak Out Speakers Bureau, who allow Ward Churchill and others to perpetuate their literary, academic and Indian fraud on the unknowing public," said a 1999 AIM report.

Churchill was first expelled from the International Indian Treaty Council Sept. 23, 1986. Seven years later, on Nov. 24, 1993, he was expelled from AIM. Later, on Nov. 3, 1999, AIM leaders officially called for educators to remove his books from their curricula and libraries.
Is AIM's story accurate? After a "25-year internal investigation", one would certainly hope so.

But in this transcript of a 1999 talk radio show, Churchill and Vernon Bellecourt, "a national representative for the American Indian Movement Grand Governing Council", argue over whether Ward was really kicked out of AIM, whether Bellecourt ordered the execution of an AIM member he suspected was an FBI informant, and whether Ward is actually white. Neither man comes off well, and the whole thing is about one notch above Jerry Springer.

My own hunch is that Ward is about as Indian as Chief Doug Smith from Episode 42 of The Sopranos:
CHIEF SMITH: Frankly, I passed most of my life as white, until I had a racial awakening and discovered my Mohonk blood. My grandmother on my father's side, her mother was a quarter Mohonk.

TONY SOPRANO: And this happened when the casino was built, right?

SMITH: Better late than never.
Ward probably had his own "racial awakening" when he found out a claimed Indian heritage gave him instant street cred in the anti-U.S. protest community.

I probably shouldn't even dignify a loser like him with multiple blog posts. The sooner he fades into the same obscurity as his discredited ideas, the better.

A Riding Sun helmet nod to Joefish.

Instapundit has lots more on Churchill's fraudulent background.


Anonymous said...

"My own hunch is that Ward is about as Indian as Chief Doug Smith from Episode 42 of the Sopranos."

Or, about as "Palestinian" as the Cairo-born Edward Said. The Left is always reinventing itself - probably because it's the intellectual equivalent of a white kid from the suburbs who claims city provenance in order to get street cred. As usual, only the media and their fellow moonbats buy into the ruse. 

Posted by Sharon

Anonymous said...

Or the Egypt-born (I think) Yasser Arafat

Heh... I never thought of the Left as the academic and political equivalent of the Icy Hot Stuntaz 

Posted by GaijinBiker

Anonymous said...

Since you are onto the Icy Hot Stuntaz ("There cn only be three Stuntaz. Don't hate!"), I know you must be a fan a

I think the Stuntaz are a joke site that some web developer put together to show clients what kind of buss he might be able to generate. Kind of like the Lincoln Park Trixies (cached here)( Many young twenty-something women fell for it, and the local Fox affiliate did a 'spring sweeps' feature on it several years ago. Sadly, many people thought it a real "Junior League" type organization, and failed to see the *obvious* satire. 

Posted by Sharon

Anonymous said...

Sh*t. Obviously, I meant "buzz". 

Posted by Sharon

Anonymous said...

I have a link to in my sidebar.

I don't know if the stuntaz are a joke or not, but they sure are funny.

I remember hearing about the LPT thing, too. Apparently their website is still going strong... 

Posted by GaijinBiker

Anonymous said...

Damn anarchists.

They're everywhere. 

Posted by jomama



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