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A (public relations) disaster

There used to be an appetite suppressant with a great name -- AYDS.

It had been around for a long, long time.

Then AIDS became the health scare of the 80's, and suddenly AYDS wasn't such a hot name anymore.

Now, Reuters reports businesses are no longer so eager to associate themselves with the word "tsunami". Fortunately, it looks like Toyota was able to change the name of its upcoming Celica Tsunami in time:
Toyota drops 'Tsunami' name for sports car model News Staff

Toyota Canada is abandoning plans to name one of its most popular models of sports cars in this country, the "Celica Tsunami."

The automaker confirmed to CTV affiliate, CFTO in Toronto, that it was immediately changing the name of the car -- and pulling all advertising and marketing containing the tsunami name.

The move comes as the world continues to learn the staggering scope of the Dec. 26 natural disaster in south Asia, and as the death toll continues to climb. It was updated on Friday to 147,000.

Five Canadians have been officially declared killed in the tsunami: four in Thailand and one in Sri Lanka. Another 146 are missing.

Exactly one year ago, on Jan. 7, 2004, Toyota announced the name of for the car, calling it "the new wave of bold style."
You'd think this would be something they cover in business school. Rule #1: Don't name your product after something that kills hundreds of thousands of people.




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