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New and improved

I've implemented a couple of cool new comment-related features on Riding Sun, courtesy of the mad scientists over at BloggerHacks:

-- The most recent comments can be found in the sidebar to the right, just below the "Previous Posts" section.

-- You can post comments without leaving the post itself and jumping to a separate Blogger page.

-- You can choose a name for yourself even if you aren't registered with Blogger (in other words, unregistered readers aren't forced to comment as "Anonymous").

--And, you can choose whether your personal info (name, email, URL) will be remembered.

My hat is off to BloggerHacks for some great scripts. Thanks, guys.


Anonymous said...

Cool! I've always hated the separate comment page thing.
I'll have to try out the same hacks on my blog.
Thanks for the pointer! 

Posted by Big Ben



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