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Moronic Movie Motorcycles, Pt. 2

I scooped up the Biker Boyz DVD for the flight back into Tokyo. It was a surprisingly entertaining movie (if you fast-forward through most of the soap-opera nonsense and just watch the racing scenes, like I did.) There are plenty of tricked-out bikes on display, lots of trash-talking, and a bikini bike wash scene that is absolutely crucial -- crucial, I tell you! -- to the plot. And I liked the katakana spelling out バイカ・ボイズ ("Biker Boyz") on that club's jackets.

Now, longtime (like, say, since about a week and a half ago) Riding Sun readers may remember a post called "Moronic Movie Motorcycles." (MMM's) As I defined it there:

An MMM is any motorcycle in a movie (or TV show or commercial) used in a way that is physically impossible, utterly ridiculous, or just plain dumb.
Oddly, while there were plenty of ridiculous, dangerous stunts in this movie, (standing alongside your bike at speed so your steel-plated shoes make sparks on the highway; jumping up to stand on the seat while riding; racing at night without a helmet), I'm not sure they count as MMM's.

Why? Because these characters are supposed to be expert riders doing ridiculous, dangerous stunts. A true MMM shows average Joes doing stupid, crazy things on their motorcycles as if that were the normal, everyday way to ride.

Under this stricter definition, Biker Boyz still has one big MMM: the final showdown between the hotshot kid and the old master has them racing their finely-tuned, supercharged sportbikes... on a dirt road. I'm not sure that's the best place to thrash your Hayabusa.


Sharon said...

You can find innumerable MMM moments on Chicago's Lake Shore Drive. I can't count the number of times I've seen people do really incredibly stupid things (such as the aforementioned standing-up-on-bike-seat-wheelie) while riding down LSD. It's kind of entertaining, but one of these days I'm bound to see a wreck, and I'm not looking forward to that. Ah well, thinning of the herd!



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