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Japanese English?

Sites like Engrish document occurences of... unusual English phrases on Japanese posters, clothing, and so forth.

Well, sometimes we Americans don't do much better.

Below is the actual window of a hot dog restaurant in Manhattan I saw last week. The sign pictured is about six feet across and really grabs your attention:

It's gramatically correct, spelled properly, and it conveys a relevant message, yes. But the entire message would look right at home on a Shibuya girl's T-shirt.

Apparently the text of the sign is taken from a article in The Village Voice.

Mystery solved, right? Right, except for one thing: the article is talking about a competitor's hot dogs! The sign is in the window of a Gray's Papaya, and the Voice writer was referring to Nathan's Famous:
Foremost among old-timers is Nathan's Famous—the Coney Island branch, of course. Though the natural-skinned all-beef frank is pricey, the thunderous pop when you bite into it and the saline tang of the pink flesh provide partial justification.
I guess this could be the first scandal I uncover as a blogger. Not as big as Rathergate, but hey, it's a start.




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