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My blogging resolutions

This past week has been a jarring experience. I've been having a lot of fun in New York seeing my parents and friends, and at the same time every day has brought news of more and more tsunami deaths. The two experiences can't be reconciled; they just exist simultaneously in the same space, like some kind of weird phenomenon from the depths of quantum mechanics.

I thought I wouldn't do much blogging over this vacation, and instead I've been posting more than I usually do. And I got my first link from a major blog, plus good comments from a variety of readers. I'm writing this post at a pay Internet kiosk at my departure gate at JFK airport (take that, Prof. Reynolds!) -- I'm definitely hooked.

Here are my blogging resolutions for the new year:

-- Look for new and interesting angles on the news. The Internet doesn't need ten posts saying the same thing on the same story.

-- Keep a balance between political and current events posts, and motorcycling and other fun stuff. No one wants to read something that makes them feel depressed all the time.

-- Make arguments carefully, anticipating and addressing (preemptively!) critical comments. Truth and logic always make for the best argument.

-- Respond to thoughtful commenters, even if (especially if) they disagree with me, but ignore any trolls.

Happy New Year, and thanks to those of you who are reading and commenting here.


You can see what kind of resolutions other bloggers are making here.


Anonymous said...

Well, don't forget to throw in a few gratuitious comments on Japanese culture for the otaku amongst your audience. You're in Japan, give us the scoop man!

Either that, more comments on the biker culture there would be welcome as well.

See, your site combines two things I love more than sliced bread; Japan and motorcycles. Thus, I have to come here for my fix. Thanks.

Keep up the good work in '05!

GaijinBiker said...

Will do! More bikes and Japan stuff are on the way.


Big Ben said...

Cool! I resolve to try to be one of the thoughtful commenters and refrain from trolling.
It's the least I can do considering you're the only one who ever comments on my blog.

As much as I rarely agree with you politically, this is turning out to be a cool blog. Keep up the good work.

GaijinBiker said...

Thanks for the kind words... I actually think we do agree on certain things, but they tend to get lost in the crossfire.


GaijinBiker said...

I should note that I haven't had any hardcore trolls yet, so that line in my post wasn't a reference to anyone in particular.

The worst comment I've had so far, from an anonymous poster, was what I would characterize as "rude, hostile, clueless disagreement" -- but it was still a relevant response to the post in question.




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