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Ministry of Truth Update, Pt. 2

Regular readers (ah, heck, I know only one guy has read this blog so far, but I can dream, can't I?) may recall a previous post about how the mainstream media will bend over backwards to avoid portraying Muslims in a negative light, no matter how many women they stone, trains they bomb, schoolchildren they massacre, or infidels they behead.

That previous post focused on a Reuters article describing Muslim burnings of Christian churches in Nigeria as "Muslim-Christian riots." Yeah, like lions eating a gazelle on the Discovery Channel are having an "interspecies luncheon".

Now, via LGF, comes another example:

JAKARTA, Indonesia - Fearing bombings and shootings by Islamic militants, some Christians in Indonesia are abandoning traditional churches in favor of more unorthodox but secure confines, such as hotel ballrooms and office blocks.
Why are the Christians so scared? Glad you asked:
[A]ttacks against Christians, who form just 8 percent of the population, have increased since ex-dictator Suharto's downfall in 1998, and amid a global rise in Islamic radicalism... Four years ago, suspected militants from the al-Qaida-linked Jemaah Islamiyah terror group bombed 11 churches on Christmas Eve, killing 19 people.
So far, so good. The article is factually describing the scene. But next comes the inevitable excuse-making for the behavior of these adherents of the Religion of Peace:
The vast majority of Muslims in Indonesia practice a moderate version of the faith.
Got that? Don't worry about the occasional mob, riot, or wave of church-burnings. These guys are a peaceful bunch. In fact, it's the Christians' fault for provoking them:
Muslims say evangelical Christians are partly to blame for rising religious tensions. They say hundreds of foreign-funded evangelical groups use churches in Muslim-dominated neighborhoods to convert locals — a claim some Christians acknowledge is true.
Those reckless, disrespectful Christians! Actually having the nerve to try to convert people to their religion! Surely that justifies some bombin' an' killin'! (Note to Muslims: Maybe if Islam wasn't the most repressive major religion on the face of the Earth, conversion to Christianity wouldn't look so tempting.)

Apart from the craven moral equivalency of AP reporter Michael Casey, there is one more thing about the article -- indeed, about all of the articles linked in this post -- worth mentioning: No Jews were involved in any way, shape, or form. Think about that. None of these Muslims thinks he is striking a blow against Israel, Zionism, or Ariel Sharon. So the next time someone tells you that Muslims around the world would settle down if it weren't for all those darn Jews stirrin' up trouble, ask: What about Nigeria? What about Thailand? And what about Indonesia?

Or Sudan? Or the Netherlands?

This could go on for a while, but I've got other things to do.

It appears RidingSun now has had two, count' em, TWO different commenters (not including yours truly) and a few other visitors. Woo-hoo!

Look out, Prof. Reynolds! Your days of blogospheric hegemony are numbered...


fasteddie said...

Hey what's up? Merry Christmas, You know that little button at the upper right of the screen? Says "next blog" well I pushed it and here I am reading your blog.

didn't read your profile but did skim the news you linked from Indonesia. "The vast majority of Muslims in Indonesia practice a moderate version of the faith"

So what's the problem? The report is trying to paint an objective picture. I know some Christians here in Seattle, Seventh Day Adventists, from Indonesia, they would confirm that news report. That it's a hardline minority of Muslims.

What about the tribal cleansing of Muslims, thousands killed by "Christians" earlier this year in Africa? I think is a tribal thing. I worked at UPS and I friend I know, a Muslim, from Africa, I've known for 3 years, is one of the kindest people I've ever known. He and I talked about the religious violence, he is apalled at what goes on in the world. You want to paint the whole religion as violent and not acknowledge it has many sects, just like the splintered Christian churches?

If a reporter doesn't go into deep details of each representation of Muslims in a country, trying to be objective you find fault with them? I would be interested to hear your opinion of Iraq. anyway best wishes, in exotic, Tokyo.

GaijinBiker said...

First, fasteddie, thanks for reading my blog! I hope you check it out and enjoy it -- it's not all politics, you know. (I'll check your blog out after I post this response.)

So, in response to your comment:

(1) You are of course correct that there are many Muslims who are not personally violent. But the reporter mentions this like it's some kind of accomplishment. As Chris Rock said about men who brag about taking care of their kids, "Whaddya want, a cookie?"

(2) The "hardline minority" of Muslims certainly seems to get around. As my links suggest, Muslim violence around the world seems to be the rule, not the exception. Yes, most Muslims do not personally commit violence in the name of religion. But it is equally true that most recent reports of religious violence around the world involve Muslims. When I hear about a bombing in some city, I don't think "Ooh, must be that violent sub-sect of Buddhists acting up again."

(3) If the problem is really with a violent "hardline minority", then where are the millions of Muslim voices raised in anger against the violent extremists giving Islam a bad name? Yes, some opposition groups, like, are starting to emerge, and I support their efforts. But their tiny voice is lost in the international Muslim community's vast ocean of indiference or even active support of violence in the name of religion. Check out and read some of the news and sermons coming out of the Arab world to see what I'm talking about. The overall message is not one of tolerance and peace, it's of jihad and violence.

I am always glad to hear about Muslims like your peaceful UPS friend, but unfortunately, they are not the ones making the news these days.

(4) More importantly, I made the point that it is not correct to simply blame all Muslim violence on the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. Looking around the world, we see that Muslims find something to fight about even when Jews are nowhere to be found. This indicates a real problem in the ability of Islam (or at least certain major branches of it) to coeexist peacefully with other religions.

(5) It is interesting that you mention "tribal cleansing" of Muslims by Christians in Africa. The ethnic cleansing going on in Africa is by Muslim "Janjaweed" militias in the Darfur region of Sudan who are commiting genocide against the Christian minority, killing the men and raping the women in the thousands. You can read about it here:


fasteddie said...

Well I agree, that there is something going on that is not right with the Islam world. I am against all fundamentalist, non-tolerant attitudes.

Man off the top of my head I can't even remember what country in Africa, or the details, it was a Christian tribe though earlier this year. I suspose I could do a google search... Thanks for the other links. I will read them.
I can write, but got my blog so I can sign in and post at other blogs, you know, intellectual curiousity and discourse. So dude what about the book One up on Wall Street, has Peter Lynch's advice worked for you? I have it and haven't read it yet.

GaijinBiker said...

I highly recommend One Up on Wall Street for a non-technical introduction to investing in stocks. The investments I've made that worked out tend to be ones where I followed Lynch's advice, and the ones I've taken a bath on tend to be ones where I've chased after the latest fad. And the best investment I ever made -- buying a condo in Manhattan and reselling it 5 years later -- is a testament to his advice that a house is the most important investment most people make.



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