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Japan Riding Tips

Learning to ride safely and legally in Japan can be tough. Here are a few pointers, based on articles in the English-language Mainichi Daily News:

-- If the cops try to pull you over, do not take your eyes off the road so you can look back and give them the finger.

-- If a cop is actually grabbing part of your motorcycle with his hand, do not ride away dragging him behind you.

-- If the cops pull you over, don't ram your bike into them after they get out of their car.

-- If the cops are just chilling out in their koban (police box), don't ram your bike into that, either.

-- If the cops are still in their car, watch out because they may ram you instead.

-- If the cop has his own motorcycle, do not steal it.

-- Even if you are a cop, you are still not allowed to ride 50km/h over the posted limit just to make sure the speed trap cameras are working.

-- Also for cops, since you are out there enforcing the law and all, make sure you actually have a driver's license.

-- If you snatch a woman's purse while riding your motorcycle, bear in mind that you'll look really lame if she catches up to you on her bicycle and takes her purse back.

-- Giving your girlfriend a ride on your motorcycle is cool; chasing down schoolgirls on your motorcycle is not cool.

Happy riding!


fasteddie said...

hahhahaahahahahahhahahahhahaahaha! Motor cylces are cool, they scare me.

okay why no dialouge on my comment about Iraq? You need to treat your loyal reader's like roaylty.

Anonymous said...

You have brought humor upon my day.

Thank ye.



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