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The teapot is no more

Previously, I blogged about how Muslims Muslim extremists attacked the giant teapot-shaped shrine of Malaysia's inter-faith Sky Kingdom sect for supposedly luring people away from Islam.

Now, via LGF, Malaysian newspaper The Star reports that sadly, the teapot has been destroyed — even though the sect had obtained a court injunction blocking the demolition of any structure at their commune:

The giant teapot and other key structures at the Sky Kingdom commune came tumbling down yesterday after the Besut District Council sent in its demolition squad.

More than 30 followers of the sect who watched the demolition did not resist or challenge the authorities.

... The followers were taken by surprise when the 40 council workers entered the commune with four excavators and five lorries at 2.30pm. About 50 policemen and officers from the state Islamic Affairs department accompanied them.
In a gratuitous bit of extra nastiness, after demolishing the Sky Kingdom's shrine, authorities detained three wives of sect leader Ayah Pin for "being involved in teachings deviant to Islamic beliefs."


Anonymous said...

No doubt the teapot will now be replaced with some domed structure. What a scandal. 

Posted by Bojack

Anonymous said...

Nice one. 

Posted by Gaijin Biker

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen that one on the news. I guess because it was not anti radical Islam it gets no coverage. 

Posted by Chris K.



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