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President Barbour?

Mississippi Governor and former RNC chairman Haley Barbour gave a speech to Republicans Abroad Japan at the Century Court in Tokyo this evening, while on a tour of Asia designed to attract foreign investment in his state. I stopped by to hear him speak.

In his speech, Gov. Barbour focused on the competitiveness, and need for compromise, in American politics today. But he also found time to mention how he managed to virtually erase Mississippi's deficit without raising taxes.

Then, during the question-and-answer session that followed, when asked who would be the most electable Presidential canditate the Republicans could nominate in 2008, Gov. Barbour seemed to have no clear preference. Ruling out Cheney, and lamenting that Schwarzenegger is not eligible, he acknowledged McCain, Giuliani, and Rice as possible choices. But he also noted that the Democrats have done best in Presidential elections when they nomintated relatively unknown governors of Southern states, like Carter or Clinton — and he suggested that the Republicans might do well to consider adopting a similar strategy.

During a cocktail reception after his speech, I asked Gov. Barbour if he had been hinting that he plans to throw his hat in the ring.

"Ha!" he laughed. "There are lots of successful governors."


It seems some people are quite keen to see Gov. Barbour run for President. But Chris Kromm and David Sirota think he would be a poor candidate.


Anonymous said...

he better not run! mississippi needs him WAY too much to lose him before his 2 terms (assuming re-election) are up.. i know people fairly close to him that have assured me that he won't run.. and they better be right, or i (and lots of other people that worked hard to get him elected) will be really P-O'd!!! 

Posted by charlotte



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