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Trudeau slams bloggers

John Cole points out a recent Doonesbury strip in which Gary Trudeau takes aim at bloggers:

The irony is that many bloggers have high-powered careers as professors, lawyers, and entrepreneurs. Others (like James Lileks or Michelle Malkin) actually do have "real jobs in journalism". And still others, like Glenn Reynolds or Hugh Hewitt, hold down jobs in academia and journalism, and maintain blogs on the side. Heck, even some of Mr. Trudeau's fellow cartoonists are blogging.

Writing about current events is something these people do as a hobby or a sideline. If anything, they demonstrate that you don't have to be a professional journalist to come up with interesting or entertaining observations on the issues of the day. Perhaps that's why an elite media type like Trudeau feels it necessary to denigrate their efforts.

Nick Stewart has more (via Instapundit).


Anonymous said...

The mainstream media's antipathy toward bloggers is a fraction of that of bloggers toward the mainstream media. 

Posted by bunkerbuster

Anonymous said...

Seriously, though, isn't editorial cartooning basically for angry, semi-employed losers who are too untalented or too lazy to get real jobs as commercial artists? 

Posted by Joe Greenlight

Anonymous said...

What would a smarmy socialist like Trudeau know about a "real job" anyway?

Posted by Gus

Anonymous said...

Actually, most bloggers aren't that concerned about the MSM. Many non-bloggers have specific media outlets they hate - NYT, or Fox, or whatever. I don't really think bloggers as a whole have stronger feelings than the normal population. 

Posted by a guy in pajamas

Anonymous said...

Malkin is a real journalist...

Thanks for the chuckle... 

Posted by hayzeus



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