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Them Duke boyz n the hood

Via Dangerous Dan, the Detroit News notes an ironic shift in the demographics of Dodge Charger owners:

The Charger received an early blessing from one of hip-hop's biggest names, 50 Cent, who after seeing the beefy sedan debut at the Detroit auto show requested the first production model. In a January phone message to the publisher of auto-customizing magazine Dub, the chart-topping rapper asked, "What I gotta' do to get that Dodge Charger first? I need that."

50 Cent got his wish. This spring, he became the first customer to take delivery of a 2006 Charger.

And a wave of interest from other rappers followed.

...The new rear-drive sedan is a four-door update of the classic fastback that was born in the early 1960s and was later known for as the Duke boys' creek-jumping General Lee on TV's "The Dukes of Hazzard."
That would be the General Lee with a huge Confederate flag painted on the roof.

Yee-hah, yo.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone else here think the General Lee thing is getting a bit old? If I had an old-school Charger, I'd paint it dark green instead, like the car the hit-men drove in Bullitt . 

Posted by Peter the Not-so-Great

Anonymous said...

I suspect that these rappers understood that the Southern Cross on the roof of the Dukes' Charger carried more of the "I don't give [an airborne activity] what you think of me" than any alleged racist significance. Boss Hogg was far closer to the historic enemy. 

Posted by triticale



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