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The Simpsons redeems itself

Count me among the people who think The Simpsons began a long, slow, painful decline into irrelevance (and just plain not-funny-ness) sometime around its sixth or seventh season.

However (via Simon World), a recent episode about Homer, Marge, and the kids in China suggests the show can still serve up meaningful satire. I haven't seen it, but this detailed summary, complete with screen grabs, at TaiwanIndependence provides the gist:

I was surprised by the intensity of the anti-Communist references. There's more at Asiapundit and The Horse's Mouth.


Anonymous said...

It's a GREAT episode. 

Posted by RFTR

Anonymous said...

Agreed, it was a great episode. Probably the best scene is where Homer views Mao's body, and says (paraphrasing) "He looks just like a little angel who killed 50 million people." 

Posted by Greg



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