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Cruisers crash less than crotch rockets

Via Biker News Online, The Progressive Group of Insurance Companies has published the results of a study it did on which types of motorcycles are most and least likely to be stolen or crashed. Here's the top five most- and least-crashed bikes:

Most Likely to be Crashed
1. Suzuki GSX-R Series
2. Kawasaki Ninja Series
3. Suzuki TLR
4. Yamaha YZF Series
5. Honda CBR Series
Least Likely to be Crashed
1. Yamaha Virago Series
2. Honda Rebel Series
3. Suzuki Savage
4. Harley-Davidson FXR
5. BMW R1200C

Steve at Biker News Online notes:
What I find interesting is that the most-crashed bikes are all crotch rockets, while the least-crashed are all cruisers.

...I've been reading several news articles over the past year reporting there is a growing problem of older Americans buying up big-twin bikes, and crashing them. Yet here, we have statistical data showing that it's actually the crotch rockets, typically ridden by young riders, that are most often involved in crashes.
Interesting, but not surprising, when you consider that first-time buyers of sportbikes include people like this guy.




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