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Rich Hall wants his shoes back

The Mainichi Shimbun reports:

Three people suffered injuries early Thursday morning after falling to the bottom of an elevator shaft when they walked through the open elevator doors not realizing that the elevator had failed to arrive, law enforcers said.

Police said that when the doors of an elevator on the first floor of the six-story "Sunshine Chugo" building in Nagoya's Nakagawa-ku opened, two men and a woman stepped inside, thinking that the elevator had arrived.

However, the elevator was still on the fourth floor of the building at the time, and the three, aged between 21 and 22, fell into a 1.5-meter deep hole. They suffered light back and arm injuries in the incident.
(If you don't get the title of this post, then you obviously don't remember this classic Saturday Night Live skit from 1984.)


Anonymous said...

All of the elevators that I have looked at have the motor to open the doors mounted on the elevator car. Prevents the doors from opening when the car is on a different floor. In addition, the doors on each floor have weights or spings to close them unless force is applied to open the doors.

Must be a different design. 

Posted by Hornet



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