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Porco Rosso and survivor's guilt

You might have thought it would be impossible to discuss Miyazaki's anime and a failed Navy SEAL mission in the same post, but you're not Steven Den Beste.


Anonymous said...

What a great essay! I'm going to order Porco Rosso from Amazon today.

GB : Sometime back you wrote about how you and your girlfriend had gone to the movie's to see Miyazaki's latest. Was that film "Howl's Moving Castle"? I mean to go see it this week and I will keep my eyes out for his latest reference to the 'oozing black oil/ass' and what it represents. I have my ideas, but I need to see this latest one in order to get a complete picture. 

Posted by langtry

Anonymous said...

Obviously, I meant 'oozing black oil/mass ", not ass. I'm not even going there. 

Posted by langtry



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