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Egyptians blame Israel for terror attacks

Even though Abdullah Azzam Brigades, an Islamist group with ties to Al Qaeda, has already claimed responsibility for yesterday's terror bombings in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egyptian analysts and commentators are blaming (wait for it) ...Israel. Haaretz reports:

Less than 24 hours after terrorists killed at least 88 people in attacks on the Sinai resort town of Sharm el- Sheikh, Egyptian sources claimed that Israel was responsible for the deadly bombings.

The claims were apparently based on the fact that most of the victims were Egyptian nationals.

Egyptian media analysts, sources in Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood and Egyptian parliamentarian Ala Hasnin, in an interview with the Qatar-based Al-Jazeera television network, all suggested Israel was responsible for the attacks.

An Egyptian analyst interviewed by Al-Jazeera who is associated with extremist elements in the country said it was in Israel's interest to carry out such a terror attack and thus Jerusalem was thus responsible for Saturday's bombings.

...He went on to add that the United States also has a motive to carry out such an attack.
If the United States really wanted to hurt Egypt, we could start by no longer giving it billions and billions of dollars in foreign aid.


Anonymous said...

Why am I not surprised? 

Posted by gindy

Anonymous said...

Reminds of the game in "America the Book" where you have to match each Middle Eastern country with its sworn enemy. Israel in is the right column; every other country is in the left one. 

Posted by Dave

Anonymous said...

OK. So what do you make of that? 

Posted by Bojack



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