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Cubans flee to dead country

NOTE: Welcome, Instapundit readers! And thanks for the link, Prof. Reynolds.

The New York Times reports on the group defection of 49 members of a Cuban dance troupe — possibly the largest defection of Cubans in American history:

Singers, dancers, musicians and other troupe members received notice this week that they will be allowed to stay in the United States, said Nicole "N.D. " Durr, creator of the "Havana Night Club" revue. (It recently changed its name to the "Havana Night Show.") Two members of the troupe decided to return to Cuba.

"A new chapter of their lives has started," Durr said. "Here's something we worked very hard for, we fought for. This is something that will change (their) destiny."

Troupe members hope to begin the process of becoming permanent residents and, ultimately, U.S. citizens.

"This has been pretty amazing for all of us," said Jose David Alvarez, 24, the host of the stage show. "The United States of America has always been a myth for Cuban young men like me and a lot of my colleagues in the company. It has always meant freedom for us, because in Cuba, it's kind of different."
Those poor saps. Don't they know that America is dead?


Anonymous said...

I applaud the courage of these Cubans and wish them well in their new home. I suspect that they will appreciate the costs and benefits of American freedom more than most natives do.

Good thing they weren't dancers from Haiti, or the Dominican Republic, or Jamaica. Had they been, their "defection" would be a crime and U.S. media would be howling about how awful it is that people like that escape arrest and deportation. 

Posted by bunkerbuster

Anonymous said...

To "see through the lies" and "know America is dead" requires a $90,000 a year salary as an Ivory Tower academic. These poor souls will just have to endure the horrors of "an illusion" of free thought, action, and lifestyle.

God, how they must be missing their food ration coupons.

-- Cliff 

Posted by Promethean Antagonist

Anonymous said...

I applaud anybody who comes into my country from an oppressed regime. It is always refreshing to see and meet people who truly understand what freedom means. Here in my city, there are quite a few people from iraq and afganistan who have settled here. And their freindship serves as a reminder to me how great I have it here. Something which, in the hustle and bustle of life, I sometimes need to be reminded of.
Best Regards, CHOW 

Posted by Craig Lueschow

Anonymous said...

Be careful that they want to come to the US to work.

"Muktar Said Ibrahim, 27, is suspected of leaving the explosive device on the back seat of a number 26 bus, in Hackney, on 21 July.

He arrived in the UK in 1992 from Eritrea in east Africa as a child refugee."

"Yasin Hassan Omar, 24, is suspected of the attempted bombing of a Victoria Line train, near Warren Street, on 21 July.

He was arrested by police on Wednesday morning in a raid on the Hay Mills area of Birmingham, the BBC understands.

He arrived in the UK with relatives as a 12-year-old refugee and in May 2000 was granted indefinite leave to stay in Britain."


Posted by Rob Read



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