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BoingBoing turning Japanese

Continuing the disturbing trend of my being scooped on cool Japan stories by blogs that aren't particularly focused on Japan, BoingBoing has a veritable bento box full of Japan-related goodness today.

First, they've got a post about a Japanese pop art exhibit at the Japan Society in New York City.

Now, arguably, that's a New York thing, not a Japan thing. And the exhibit's been going on for a few months, so it's not really a "scoop".

But check out this post about an unintentionally hilarious Japanese subway advertisement for The Passion of the Christ on DVD.

Or this post on the little-known Japanese "thorn crotch" self-defense tool.


The Japanese posts just keep coming. Maybe they should change their name to BoinguBoingu.

And another one. I surrender.


Sharon said...

Thanks for making me hungry! With regards to your mention of bento boxes, I have only the following example to cite:

In Robert Townsend's film " Hollywood Shuffle" (a 1987 satire on blaxploitation flicks and the difficulty of getting work as a black actor), one of the characters, an actor who plays "Batty Boy" in a TV sitcom, pulls up in a limo to "Winky Dinky Dog", the restaurant where Townsend works. "Batty Boy" is fresh out of rehab, and not doing very well.

Keenan Ivory Wayons' character greets him, and says something like "Yeah, man, I heard you were on cocaine!"

To which one of Batty Boy's bodyguards says:

"Don't mention cocaine. Unless you got some."

Same holds true for the yummy, multicourse goodness that is Bento, you big tease!

Posted by langtry



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