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New York, New York

I arrived in New York yesterday. The flight was right on schedule, and I had dinner with my parents at a Cuban restaurant in Manhattan with huge platters of delicious food (that I suspect is nothing like what average people actually eat in Cuba). Some observations:

(1)   If you are an American airline, like, say Northwest, and you are choosing the in-flight movies for your Tokyo-New York flight, it would really be best to avoid ones where an American action hero beats up incompetent Japanese ninjas. That means ruling out The Pacifier with Vin Diesel. Actually, you should rule that one out anyway.

(2)   You know you're back in New York when people with service industry jobs are sarcastic to customers.

(3)   Yeah, Americans are fatter than Japanese, but the difference doesn't seem as remarkable as the last time I was here. Maybe Americans, shocked by Super Size Me, are cutting back on the fries while in Japan, McDonalds grows ever more popular.


Anonymous said...

On the other side of the world from Japan, I noticed how slender ihabitants of Puerto Rico are compared to continental Americans.

Like the COPS tv show, travel enough to make one hate Americans... 

Posted by Dan

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!

I think much of the world will trend to American sizes as food remains plentiful, premade food grows in popularity, people adopt more and more sedentary jobs, and people stop smoking. America will probably remain the worse, thanks to huge restaurant portions, but other nations will catch up. Those that don't aren't ones you want to live in. 

Posted by Greg

Anonymous said...

Welcome home! If you see a guy in midtown with a red backpack on during either the morning or evening commuting hours, it might be me...

Also: you know you're back in New York when the lousy tourists are afraid to cross the street. 

Posted by Brian

Anonymous said...

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Posted by gindy

Anonymous said...

It's not America, just New York. Go to the midwest and you'll see some real fatties, but New Yorkers get more excercise on average than people almost anywhere else in the country because it's not a driving city, and people actually walk to where they're going. 

Posted by Anonymous



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