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Like crack for your ears

Tired of listening to a rich array of diverse musical genres? Looking for just one insanely catchy tune to drill its way into your skull for good? Want that song to be a cutesy bit of J-pop fluff?

You're in luck. Either of the following should do nicely.

First up, here's what's come to be known as "Shii's song". (It's based on "The Boat Song" from Lunar The Silver Star Story, an old Japanese role-playing videogame.) This version features English lyrics and a nicely-done Flash animation starring Shii, one of the cat mascots of Japan's most popular web forum, 2ch.

Next, this (in Windows Media format) is the Internet commercial for Love Songs: ADV Futaba Riho 19 Years, a "relationship simulation game" in which you help 19-year-old college student Riho find true love while ogling pictures of her and her sexy roommates. (If that sounds a little lecherous to you, consider that there's an earlier game in the series, in which Riho is all of 14 years old. And no, I haven't played it.)

Before you listen to either one of these songs, bear in mind that you will not be able to get it out of your head. Ever.

You have been warned.




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