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YES! Fox may be bringing back Futurama!

Great news, everyone!

According to this post on Can't Get Enough Futurama, and this one on lead actor Billy West's own website, Fox is considering making new Futurama episodes or full-length movies.

Futurama had a few rough episodes early on, but by the time Fox foolishly yanked it off the air, it was far more entertaining than watching the once-great Simpsons go through the motions for yet another season.

Now, having learned from the success of Family Guy, which it brought back to TV after DVD sales went through the roof, Fox is looking to see what other hit shows it cancelled before their time. According to Billy himself, Futurama won't be coming back to broadcast television, but new direct-to-DVD episodes or movie-length features may be in the works soon:

Well, I spoke to [executive producer] David X. Cohen because we did promos for a new Futurama compilation and he said that they did have talks with the top guys at FOX and they were extremely impressed with the sales of the Futurama DVDs. The idea was to make a Futurama movie right to DVD and then a 2nd and a 3rd. That's what's being discussed. Fox is trying to figure out a budget for the whole project, and it sounded like David X. was very jazzed!

I would love more than anything to do that show again. I thought it was best experience on every level...creatively, voice-wise, writing, animation and the laughs. The laughs. Writers and performers that respected each other. No derelict genius looking down the barrel of his own complacency wrecking everything in his wake.

Wouldn't it be nice?
Hear, hear, Billy. Can't wait to see Amy Wong in some new outfits.


Anonymous said...

I would like to see fox try to market the videos over the net (by downloading).

If they could develope some kind of content managment service, then they could realy push things to the next level. 

Posted by cube

Anonymous said...

Even speaking as a relatively new Futurama devotee, I can only say that you might be in the wrong place if, after three beers or so, the conversation shifts from Maryanne or Ginger to Amy or Leela! There are so many reasons to run from that crowd.
On one hand, it is typical for a red blooded male to fantasize about two supposedly lonely women marooned on a tropical island. I can accept that as not too perverted coming from my drinking buddies.
On the other hand, even in this new virtual reality existance shouldn't there be a line we dare not cross? Cartoons inter-mingling with humans? Didn't we learn any lessons from the classic film "Cool World"?
Aw, what the heck, it's all fantasy anyway. "Hey, Phil toss me another cold one!" It has got to be Leela and Maryanne, I have a thing for purple hair, apple pie and big they silicone or water color! Peace, out

Posted by Spearwolfe

Anonymous said...

Fox is looking to see what other hit shows it cancelled "before their time."

Well, there was "Firefly", a show that grew on you. Guess we'll see what happens after the Firefly movie, "Serenity", is released in September.

This could be the start of a trend - series that Fox cancelled and were brought back to life by DVD sales - which would make a reasonable person to doubt the accuracy of the Nielsens.


Posted by Hornet



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