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Terrorist bomb attack in New York

Via Michelle Malkin, CBS News is reporting an apparent terrorist bomb blast in midtown Manhattan, outside the building housing the British Consulate. Fortunately, the damage from the small, amateur-level device (two toy grenades filled with gunpowder) was light and no one was hurt.

The explosion occured on the same day Britain is holding parliamentary elections, fuelling suspicions that it was deisgned to influence the elections' outcome in the manner of the Madrid train bombing.

There was no word yet from Maggie Gyllenhaal on whether Britain or America bears more blame for the attack.


Anonymous said...

This story was reported for about all of 30 minutes... No one ever came out and said what happened, and no news outlet went futhur with it... the story just fell off. Another reason why as a media professional, I dispise the way news is disseminated in america. 

Posted by Anonymous



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