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I guess they really do hate our freedom

Last October, shortly before the presidential election, Osama bin Laden released a videotape in which he admitted to planning the 9-11 terrorist attacks.

Rejecting President Bush's claim that terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda hate freedom, Osama said:

If Bush says we hate freedom, let him tell us why we didn't attack Sweden, for example.
I was reminded (via LGF) of Osama's remark by this story last Friday on Internet Haganah, a site dedicated to tracking pro-Islamic threats and hate speech on the Internet:
Islamic extremists of the Salafyist variety have posted a very explicit threat to launch a wave of terrorist attacks against Sweden. The threats were posted on a number of known Islamist forums and are accompanied by rather lurid graphics including the following:
Perhaps the disturbing graphic above is merely an empty threat. But it nevertheless serves as a reminder that Islamic terrorists don't need a particularly good reason to hate you. What could these guys have against Sweden? Failure to cook halal meals?


Anonymous said...

The "all your base are belong to us" syntax of the threat and the Crayola font strike me as particulatly weird. 

Posted by Bojack



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