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The New York Times reports on a priest in New Jersey who blesses his congregation's motorcycles at the start of each riding season:

The Rev. Mark Giordani stepped up to the makeshift altar wearing a white robe, a white stole and a pair of black steel-toed biker boots.

He looked out at the somewhat unusual congregation gathered in the street before him and squinted a little as the sunlight hit the chrome. There were more than 1,000 motorcycles to bless: flashy Ninja bikes and humble Hondas, Suzukis, BMW's, choppers, three-wheelers, Triumphs and, of course, Harleys.

"Definitely the bike Jesus would ride," Father Giordani said just before the service began. "I couldn't see him on anything else."
Yeah, but could he ride on water?

If the Star of Davidson club (motto: "Our Hogs are Kosher") is any indication, Harleys have multifaith appeal.


Anonymous said...

And of course here in Japan there are both Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines that specialize in providing blessings and good luck charms for motor vehicles, and many of my biker friends have those good luck charms hanging from their handlebars or key rings.

Loud Pipes Save Souls, huh?
Of course, Father Giordani is better qualified to answer these questions than a heathen like me, but as much as J.C. had the hair and beard thing going on, somehow I don't think a modern hog would really be His style. Maybe an old panhead? Surely the Vatican has a position on this issue.

Posted by Big Ben

Anonymous said...

Blessing bikes is really not that uncommon. Every now and then, my riding buddies and I will participate in rides that are sponsored by a church group. The priest will do a bike blessing. The last one was at a Catholic Church, where the father walk up and down rows of bike, dowsing each bike with drop of holy water.

You could hear other bikers complain about having just cleaned their bike, and other bikers saying, "Yes!!, there's water on my bike!" 

Posted by Steve



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