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Dinner is served

Don't get me wrong. When a Japanese restaurant translates its menu into English, I appreciate the effort.

I really, really do.

But sometimes, it would be better if they just didn't bother:

Uh... thanks, guys, but I already had uterus for lunch.


Anonymous said...

I have the perverse urge to go down there and order 2nd and 3rd tripe. 

Posted by Matt

Anonymous said...

"Uh... thanks, guys, but I already had uterus for lunch."  

Is that a euphemism for a nooner? 

Posted by SheriJo

Anonymous said...

Euphemisms sound better than the thing they are referring to. 

Posted by GaijinBiker

Anonymous said...

Do people in Japan go out looking for specific types of meat? It's one thing to go out with the intent to order a T-bone or NY Strip, quite another to chose your restaurant based on a hankering for "4th tripe" (kudos to Matt , who made me laugh) or "Beef Uterus". Somehow, the 'Dinner & Dancing" date doesn't seem quite as romantic when you've been taken to this restaurant! 

Posted by langtry



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