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Over my dead body

A reader passes along the following news item from Australia's Herald Sun:

A THIEF who stole a motorbike involved in a fatal accident would have walked past the dead rider's body to steal it, a policeman said.

Chris Cowton, 21, from Morwell died riding his Yamaha WR250 early last Saturday.

...Sgt Allan said the thief could not have missed Mr Cowton's body, which was only metres away.
Strolling past someone's dead body to steal his bike is pretty low. I can't think of a surer way to invite karmic retribution from the motorcycle gods.


Anonymous said...

What a scummy thing to do, GB , although it does remind me of an Eddie Murphy joke, from "Delirious" (to paraphrase) ...

"When someone got hit by a car in my neighborhood, people came out to see it. Sometimes people are really messed up, their legs going this way and that.
If they are really messed up, people divvy their stuff up.

"Oooh, I think you gonna die. Guess you won't be needing them Sergio's!" 

But seriously: Why don't they name the offender, a/k/a his Lowest-of-The-Lowness? Seems to me he should take whatever ill will, whether it's from cyclists, the motorcycle gods, or the general public.  

Posted by Langtry

Anonymous said...

I think they haven't caught the thief yet, so they don't know who he is. 

Posted by GaijinBiker



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