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Golden opportunity

Yesterday was Green Day in Japan, when the nation celebrates Billie Joe Armstrong's unique brand of punk-pop former Emperor Hirohito's birthday. After he died in 1989, the day was renamed "Green Day", because Hirohito was a nature lover.

Green Day (a straight translation of the Japanese midori no hi, but also known as "Greenery Day") kicks off Golden Week, when everyone in Japan simultaneously decides to go somewhere else. It's kind of like Thanksgiving in terms of how crowded the trains and planes get.

Naturally, I'll be traveling by bike. My girlfriend and I are taking our dog to this pet-friendly beach at Shimoda today; it'll be the dog's first long motorcycle trip. Later in the week, I might go on a group ride with the Club X-4 crew.

Blogging may be a little light due to my being on the road, but I'll try to keep posting somehow.


Anonymous said...

What a cool place! To have a pet-friendly place to bring your cats & dogs ... heaven.

BTW: I had originally planned to take my trip to Japan by flying into KIX on Monday, May 2st. Big mistake, I soon realized. Hence my trip is postponed until the fall.

Have fun! 

Posted by Langtry

Anonymous said...

Have a good time! 

Posted by a guy in pajamas

Anonymous said...

You've probably already left, so this won't do you any good, but there's a great curry place called "Spice Dog " a few minutes south of Shimoda on the main road. It's run by an old deadhead surfer guy and has great food and a good atmosphere(kind of a hippie/surfer vibe that's really relaxing after a long ride).
Have a great time! 

Posted by Big Ben



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