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Aqua blue hunger force

NOTE: Welcome, Michelle Malkin readers! And thanks very much for linking, Michelle.

The BBC reports on Food Force, a new video game from the United Nations:

Food Force is the brainchild of the World Food Programme (WFP), which last year fed more than 100 million people.

The UN body seeks to capitalise on the popularity of video games to educate youngsters about hunger and the work of the aid agency.

Written for the PC and Mac, the free game is aimed at eight to 13-year-olds for download at
Their file server is busy now — not surprising, since the installer download weighs in at a whopping 227 megabytes. It's somehow fitting that a videogame distributed by the bloated UN bureaucracy is too big to be easily downloadable.

In the meantime, let's check out one of the exciting characters in the game. Here's "Miles":
Age: 39
Nationality: Nigerian
Miles is careful with his money — he only buys the best value — whether it’s his shopping on eBay or buying tonnes of supplies on behalf of WFP.
Yep, sounds like the lean, efficient UN I know. No mention of how much money Miles sets aside for developing fancy videogames.

Some of the game's cheat codes have been discovered!


Anonymous said...


It should read, Miles is careful with his money - he gets his underage sex from third world countries where it is much cheaper. 

Posted by Dave Justus

Anonymous said...

Through the glass you can see a UN peacekeeper arranging to deliver a shipment of food to the local teenage population. 

Posted by Robert Crawford

Anonymous said...

As part of his duties, Miles sends out large numbers of emails on the behalf of the former Oil Minster who needs to place his money in American banks. 

Posted by Hermie

Anonymous said...

Great stuff. I linked from here . 

Posted by Myopic Zeal

Anonymous said...

Maybe Miles is cutting corners and buying "tonnes" of food on eBay... that could certainly cause problems.

At the very least, I think we can safely assume that Miles is spending most of his time at work surfing eBay.

One more comment here . 

Posted by Brian

Anonymous said...

LOL, wow, what a waste of time and effort, i mean this game totally glosses over the truth of what goes on at the UN. It's obviously a marketing ploy to influence the young impressionable minds of our day.

See also:


Posted by Skulken

Anonymous said...

All your blue helmets are belong to us. 

Posted by Bojack

Anonymous said...

I wonder if you get bonus points for taking bribes and raping the locals.

UN agency creates world hunger game 

Posted by W.C. Varones

Anonymous said...

somebody set us up the food 

Posted by Howard U Gentlemen

Anonymous said...

The very LAST thing in the world I would let a kid of mine play with is a UN designed/approved computer game. One wonders how much actual good could be done with the money and time they are wasting with this crappola 

Posted by Bogtrotter

enuff said...

It'd certainly be interesting to see a full accounting of the funds and learn who was responsible for the games development.

Victor Hanson wrote an excellent piece a couple of days ago, - 'Move the U.N.?' -   his conclusion and recommendation are ones I'd certainly fully support.


Posted by Eg

Anonymous said...

"It should read, Miles is careful with his money - he gets his underage sex from third world countries where it is much cheaper.  "

Dave Justus, this comment made me laugh so hard!  

Posted by Brutha

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, it's really funny too how many malnourished kids the World Food Program is feeding in places Americans would fear to tread. It's also really funny how you can conflate morrocan and nepali peacekeeping troops who abused kids with a completely separate organization, the WFP. dicks. 

Posted by you ass

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmm... violence, sex, drugs... how is a UN video game any different from Grand Theft Auto? 

Posted by Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Just a minor observation:

227 MB is small for a PC game these days. Sorry to spoil your delicious little stab at irony. But, if you still want to travel that road... the America's Army PC game (official game of the U.S. army!) is almost 800 MB.

lazy bloggers,


Posted by DCM

Anonymous said...

Fact remains, Food Force remains unavailable because the servers are overloaded. (That may change soon, however, as Yahoo is apparently going to donate server space.)  

Posted by GaijinBiker



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