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That's Japanese for "I'm back!"

I am indeed home from Niseko and a week of epic snowfall. I wasn't able to blog for the past two days because the Internet cafe was closed Wednesday and we all went out to a cool Mongolian yurt-style restaurant on Thursday. Rest assured, there is plenty of bloggy goodness on the way.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great time. I'm jealous, we didn't have really any snow here this year and skiing was pretty much nil. 

Posted by Dave Justus

Anonymous said...

Okaerinasai! Sounds like you had fun. Glad you're back! 

Posted by a guy in pajamas

Anonymous said...

Did you get to meet the Australian guy Ross (he was interviewed on TV not too long ago) in that area who has set up a growing outdoor sports company (rafting, kayaking,and more)? I took my first kayak trip with him, though I could never get the hang of the Eskimo roll. He said men tend to be poor at it initially, because they try to sit up straight immediately once they break the surface of the water rather than rolling themselves up and out, head and arms being the last things to leave the water as it were. 

Posted by Comrade_Tovarich

Anonymous said...

I did not see Ross, but it's a big mountain and we weren't using any guides or instructors.

There are a number of such companies up there, and Aussies are the single biggest foreign tourist group. We went to an izakaya for dinner one night, and our waiter was a blonde Australian guy. 

Posted by GaijinBiker



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