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Canada rejects American deserter

Things aren't going well for Jeremy Hinzman, a soldier in the U.S. Army's 82nd Airborne Division:

When the Army tried to send him to fight in Iraq two years ago, he headed for Canada instead. And as Reuters reports, Hinzman, who joined the Army to earn money for college, justified his actions with tired, Vietnam-era rhetoric:
In a December refugee hearing, he said he refused to go to Iraq because he was "unwilling to kill babies."
Hmm. Somehow, I don't think this man is, either:
It's one thing to desert. It's another thing to slander your fellow soldiers. What a class act.

Thankfully, Canada isn't buying Hinzman's story. Yesterday, its Immigration and Refugee Board ruled that he doesn't qualify as a refugee and refused to grant him asylum:
The ruling said Hinzman's reasons for refusing to fight in Iraq were "inherently contradictory" because he was willing to serve but only in a non-combat role.

"Surely an intelligent young man like Mr. Hinzman, who believed the war in Iraq to be illegal, unjust and waged for economic reasons, would be unwilling to participate in any capacity, whether combatant or non-combatant," the refugee board said in its decision.
Hinzman had no problem with the Army subsidizing his college education, as long as he didn't personally have to do any fighting. Canada may welcome conscientious objectors, but it's not interested in hypocrites.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, this guy is ridiculous - at least we don't have to deal with him in the U.S. anymore. He won't dare to step foot in this country again. 

Posted by Richie Rich

Anonymous said...

Uh, but won't he HAVE to go back to the U.S., now that Canada has refused his refugee application? 

Posted by Matt

Anonymous said...

Better it: Since he crossed the border and requested permanent asylum, the court-martial that will eventually hear his case won't have to assume that he was "planning to return" and can throw the whole book at him (normally the court has to assume that you 'intended to return' and is therefore limited in what punishment it can assign).

Frankly I don't WANT this loser back in America, soaking up my tax dollars and breathing my air. Canada can have him. Or maybe Bobby Fischer needs a new lovetoy to keep him warm in Iceland. 

Posted by DaveP.



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