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Working replica of Akira bike

This is old news, since the bike in question was on display at the 2004 Tokyo Motorcycle Show last April, but it's still pretty cool.

A few obssesive otaku here in Japan have created a rideable version of Kaneda's motorcyle from Akira, the landmark anime movie.

I can't imagine how it handles with such a recumbent riding position, but it looks amazing. Now let's see a working Gundam.


Anonymous said...

Oh. My. God.

It's here. I may die happy now.

Well, all I need it a psychic and self-destructive friend and a military-grade portable laser rifle to shoot at him with and life will be complete. 

Posted by Kresh

Anonymous said...

I remember the first time I saw Akira and said 'I want one!'

A part of me still feels the same way. :) 

Posted by Dave Justus

Anonymous said...

thats a DAMN fine example of the bike, i have a guy near my house who builds custom motorcycles who just built a replica of one of the racers from XG3, his next project is the Akira bike. 

Posted by Matt



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