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The Onion: Tomorrow's news, today

February 2nd, The Onion:

Nation's Leading Alarmists Excited About Bird Flu

WASHINGTON, DC—The avian influenza virus, a mutant flu strain that has claimed the lives of 31 people in Eastern Asia since it was first observed passing from birds to humans in 1997, has the nation's foremost alarmists extremely agitated.

"Right now, the bird flu is just a blip in the newspapers, but if the avian influenza virus undergoes antigenic shift with a human influenza virus, the resulting subtype could be highly contagious and highly lethal in humans," Matthew Wexler, the president of the National Alarmist Council and one of the nation's leading fear mongers, said Monday. "My professional opinion, and more importantly, my personal belief, is that this is a cause for great national alarm."
February 24th, International Herald Tribune:
World bird-flu risk is 'gravest possible'

HONG KONG The risk that Asia's outbreak of avian influenza could turn into a deadly global pandemic has increased sharply in recent months, a top international health official warned on Wednesday.

"The world is now in the gravest possible danger of a pandemic," said the official, Dr. Shigeru Omi, Western Pacific director of the World Health Organization. "We need to consider urgent and decisive action in radical new ways."


Anonymous said...

If it mutates, it will be because of the virus's exposure to Alar on apples. Or maybe to prions. 

Posted by Chuck Simmins

Anonymous said...

this is not the frist time they have done that.

the whole sueing companies because they are fat was called by them.

they also reported when Arnold becamae gov of CA, which was real news, but almost unbeliviable. 

Posted by cube



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