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Cycle of violence

From an article in the Lynchburg, Virginia News & Advance, on biker Dave Sutton's efforts to repeal Virginia's mandatory helmet law:

There’s no question that motorcycles are dangerous. They’re smaller than cars, which means automobile drivers who have zoned out for various reasons - like the one who put Ken Stahura in intensive care - sometimes appear in their path unexpectedly.
Um... wouldn't that be a reason why cars are dangerous?

I say bad drivers are dangerous, no matter what their choice of vehicle. But you're much less likely to find one on a bike.


Anonymous said...

Helmet laws are, for me, a tough call. It's your head and life; then again, should you become a "mush head" (the shockingly graphic and repulsive term an ex-girlfriend's mother (a nurse) used to refer to the motorcycle crash victims), you drive up costs for everyone, at least for insurance. I prefer the former, because it offers choice and personal responsibility. 

Posted by Comrade_Tovarich



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