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Better late than never

In this article datelined February 3, CBS News catches up to the Ward Churchill story, over one week late. There is no earlier article about it on their website.

Their reporting includes facts previously reported by various members of the blogosphere as early as January 26. Heck, even I weighed in ahead of Dan Rather's employer.

Remind me again -- the problem with blogs is supposed to be that they just reprocess the mainstream media?


Anonymous said...

It seems to me that the reason the mainstream media hasn't reported much on this until now is that there's no story here.

Some idiot no one has heard of said something stupid. Dog bites man. Why should anyone care?

It's only a story now because people with blogs made a big deal about it, and now the idiot is famous and will probably get a lucrative book deal or something. He wanted to call attention to himself, and he got what he wanted (along with death threats, but I'll bet he's secretly thrilled about that too.)
Y'all should have just let him wallow in the obscurity he deserves rather than giving him his 15 minutes of fame.  

Posted by Big Ben

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to Big Ben, Riding Sun's first commenter ever!

I think you make a valid point, but the real story is not Ward himself. Rather, it's why a guy like him would be hired as a college professor in the first place.

Apparently, he lacks a PhD and his writing, whatever you think of the views it expresses, is pretty amateurish. Poor style, poor backing-up of arguments, sloppy language, etc. That level of rhetoric may be fine for casual writing, but a professor should be more scholarly, no?

Add to the mix that Ward has views that are so ludicrous and extreme (America should be destroyed and replaced by a fluid conglomeration of tribal communities; Bill Clinton (not Dubya, mind you, Clinton) should be hanged as a war criminal; more 9-11's are necessary; etc.) that it is pretty clear he is ill-suited to the responsibility of being a college professor. Teaching students requires more than having a distinctively crazy viewpoint.

I'm not saying he should be unable to spread his ugly views. Let the man speak and write to his heart's content. But he does not deserve the responsibility of teaching at a state university. 

Posted by GaijinBiker

Anonymous said...

the problem with blogs is supposed to be that they just reprocess the mainstream media?No, GB, it's that we do it in our pajamas.

We have exhibited more credibility wearing nearly nothing, unshaven, smelling like coffee and smokes, than Dan Rather in a thousand dollar suit wasting airborne resources over Indonesia. 

Posted by michael parker



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