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It's an investment, honey.

This 2004 New York Times article notes that Japanese bikes, once seen as unlikely to appreciate in value, are becoming much sought-after by collectors.

I wonder what my customized X-4, discontinued in the 2003 model year by Honda, will be worth some day?

I need to show that Times article to my girlfriend and explain that I'm not throwing away all my money on my motorcycle -- it's really an investment.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with that plan. Your going to need it as, in the female mind (unless the female in question is crazy about bikes, too) bikes are like sailboats: impractical and insanely expensive ... although I'll say outright that sailboats are far higher up in the "you might as well stand in the rain and light $199 bills on fire" category of expense. The fact that you bought it used and have made the upgrades yourself should work in your favor. If it doesn't, just show her what the Harley's and Beemers cost. 

Posted by Sharon

Anonymous said...

I hate it when I'm sloppy and hit "9" instead of "0". In no world, let alone mine, does a $199 bill exist.

/ *slaps side of head and says "D'oh!"* 

Posted by Sharon

Anonymous said...

you have to brainwa... um, indoctrina... er, educate them about the life-enhancing properties of bikes firsthand. My wife used to think spending that kind of money on motorcycles was irrational, but now that she's a biker too, she shares the same irrationality... I mean, she has seen the light and come to understand what a shrewd investment strategy they are.

Sharon, the $199 bills are the ones that are waterproof so they catch fire evn when standing in the rain, right? ;) 

Posted by Big Ben



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