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Here is my Honda X-4, nicknamed "Denise" -- because there was a Denny's near the bike shop where I had lunch right after I bought it.

"Denny's" sounds kinda like "Denise", and I didn't want to name my bike after a guy (not that there's anything wrong with that).

I have spent about as much customizing Denise as I originally did to buy her in the first place, and there is more customizing goodness ahead. (No, I'm not addicted. I can stop any time I want. Really.)

The custom work to date includes:

Striker full exhaust (came with the bike used)
Quantum PB-Twin rear suspension
Over swingarm with stablizer
PMC side covers (to make room for the Quantums)
Krauser K5 top case
Honda CB-1300 wheels (came with the bike used)
Phase race steps with Coerce tandem kit
Active knee grip plates
Motor-Partner radiator screen
N Project bikini cowl with grill
Active fenderless kit
Posh rear signal lights
Moto Fizz drink holder
Moto Fizz cell phone holder
Napoleon mirrors
Daytona Cozy Seat
License plate frame
X4 tank art(came with the bike used)
Black paint on various parts

Upcoming plans include:
WP Suspension ROMA inverted front forks
Marchesini forged aluminum wheels
Works Drag'On 4-into-1 full exhaust
HID headlight
Brembo brakes
Limiter cut
Engine/carb overhaul


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