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Fashion accessory

The front window of a SoHo boutique:

That was the second time last week that I saw choppers in or next to stores selling women's clothing.

Is this part of some corporate strategy to keep guys entertained while their better halves shop?


Anonymous said...

I don't think that lawnmower-engine qualifies the thing as a "chopper". A "Chipper" perhaps, but not the whole-hog-chopper title. Eh, like fashion consultants know anything about motorcycles. Image baby! It's all about image! Oh, wait, that's why it's a chopper-style bike-thingie; form over function, the harley-rider motto.

Why can't we get any sportsbikes up? They're waaay sexier than choppers.

Sharon said...

Anonymous: there's more to motorcycles than sport bikes, by which I assume you refer to what my girlfriends and I call "crotch rockets." They are good for racing and short-haul trips, but have you ever spent hours on one? My brother once drove his Kawasaki Ninja from Whidbey Island, Washington to Chicago. It was summer, and he was in the best shape of his life, so he figured "Why Not?" Not only were his thigh and back muscles f*#ked from doing the trip in 2 days, but the flightsuit (non-pressurized, off course) he'd borrowed from an Navy friend had blistered his skin where the seams of the suit flapped in the wind. Needless to say, he looked and felt like hell, and would likely have killed to get his hands on a proper touring motorcycle.

There are as many different motorcycles as there are cars; probably even more. In fact, the Getty Museum on 5th Avenue in NYC had it's most successful exhibit ever when it staged "The Art of The Motorcycle." The book that accompanied the exhibit is pretty cool: maybe you ought to check it out.

GaijinBiker said...

Can't we all just get along?

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous: there's more to motorcycles than sport bikes, by which I assume you refer to what my girlfriends and I call "crotch rockets." "

Of this I am quite aware, having owned and traveled for 8 years on motorcycles only. I merely dislike the "harley attitude" that seems to come along with the bike. That and the fact that owners seem to think a bike that need more maintenance than a bimota is cool because of the flaws drives me nuts.

While in the service I travled between AZ and CA many times on the bikes I owned, none of which were a sportbike, and rarely did I recieve a wave from a hog-rider, until I picked up my "hardley" (Honda Shadow). Then, all was hunkey-dory as they thought I was on a hogg. Gold-wing riders, on the other hand, are some of the coolest riders on earth and always waved. Awsome.

To wrap this up, I haven't a problem with bikes, other than those who throw attitude over the brand they ride. Personally, I want a Mammut, but I can't afford the 100k needed...



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