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Club X-4 Bonenkai

Saturday night, I took my girlfriend to the bonenkai (year-end party) of Club X-4's Kanto chapter. Bear in mind that she was about as interested in going to hang out with a bunch of bikers as Michael Moore would be in going to one of those week-long Thai fasting clinics. She had the idea that a stylish lady like herself would have a miserable time with a roomful of bike otaku.

Well, it turned out that the X-4 gang is a lively bunch and she had a great time. You can see her in the orange shirt in the group photo here:

She actually got so involved in the details of their discussions of different motorcycles and parts that the club guys said they could see why she was a management consultant. What a gal... I'm so proud of her.

Anyway, it turned out we were the only ones to actually come to the party by motorcycle -- everyone else took the train so they could feel free to get totally wasted without worrying about the ride home. So, afterwards, everyone gathered around to look at my ride, since it was the only game in town.




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